Monday, April 23, 2018

Earth Month Beauty: Eco-Friendly Makeup To Add To Your Routine

Happy Earth Month! There are lots of ways to 'green' your routine. If you saw my last post, you'd know that thrifting can be one of those ways. Another way, is choosing more eco-friendly beauty products for your makeup bag.

Today, I've done a full makeup look with my all-time favourite eco-friendly makeup brand: Emani Cosmetics. I first discovered Emani years ago at London Drugs, when I had the opportunity to interview the founder of Emani herself, Michelle Doan. I loved her vision for Emani: a brand that is not only vegan and made without all the "bad" stuff you don't want in your makeup (no parabens, talc, petrochemicals), but is made to actually be good for your skin. All their products are made with natural and organic ingredients. Kind of makes you wonder why all makeup brands don't have that mentality.

The 'greeness' of Emani doesn't end there. The packaging is even made of recycled and biodegradable paper!

Everything you see above I used to create this Earth Month makeup look!

Left column, top to bottom:

Middle, top to bottom:

Keep on scrolling below to see more about two of my favourite products from this eco-friendly makeup look.

One of the newest products in the Emani family is their Deluxe Cream Foundation. I was pretty surprised that the shade 'Fair' is actually a pretty good match - even for me (you know that's not easy!). The cream formula is infused with peptides, gold and peat. Peat helps improve cell turnover as well as your skin's elasticity and tightens pores. It's also highly antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Hyaluronic acid also helps with the reduction of the appearance of fine lines! Not bad, considering it also has great coverage in addition to that whole list of benefits.

The other item I wanted to share with you today, is Clean's line of eco-friendly eau de toilettes. I was introduced to this brand for the first time at the LDBeauty Preview Event, and thought it was just the coolest thing!

Clean are actually one of the first 'green' fragrance brands! You might be would you make a fragrance eco-friendly? Well, for starters, the alcohol used in the juice is non-toxic and is derived from corn. Beyond that, the packaging is also made from recycled materials and is itself recyclable. They're also cognisant of the environment during manufacturing, using solar power for their manufacturing facility to lessen their environmental impact.

Here, I have the scent 'Fresh Laundry'...and it really does smell so fresh and clean! I use it as a fragrance, or just to even refresh my clothes if they've been sitting in a drawer too long. Pro tip: you can also mix and match fragrances within this line of eau de toilettes to create unique scents!

Happy Earth Month!

~ Britta

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