Saturday, April 28, 2018

How to Avoid 'Tech Neck'

If you're reading this post from your phone or tablet right now, well, I think you're going to want to keep on reading....

I don't always love feeling like I'm attached to my smartphone, but with so much work being done that way now, and the need to be engaging regularly on social media as part of this blog (while I do love it most of the time), it definitely isn't the best for our health, in more ways than one. Especially our posture. All it takes is one look around while on a street corner or on a bus to realize that everyone is face down, neck craned, looking at their phone. It's not hard to imagine what that could do to your neck in the long term. In fact, apparently dermatologists are saying that the constant neck bending to look at our screens is leading to sagging skin, dropping jowls, and a distinct crease above the clavicle. And they're calling it: 'tech neck'.

Time to start thinking about a long term solution (that doesn't involve 'no cell phone'...because let's be honest, that's not going to happen).

Jouviance recently sent over a bottle of their Contour+ Neck Sculpting Gel Concentrate, and I think it might just be the answer to the long term smartphone-wielding problem. The paraben-free gel concentrate is meant to sculpt, rejuvenate, and regenerate the jawline, neck and décolleté. The Liftonin-Xpert infused in the formula aims to improve skin firmness and elasticity, and visibly reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles. Basically, this gel was formulated to tighten and contour your V-shape.

Now, up until this point, I've never been worried about wrinkles and aging. Partially because I'm still in my 20's, but also because aging is just something that's never really bothered me (yet). But, as I edge towards my 30's, I do start to think about at least incorporating a few anti-aging products into my routine. After all, I might as well be proactive about it. So while I don't expect to see miraculous and immediate results now, I'm adding Jouviance Contour+ to my nightly that hopefully years from now, it'll help keep that 'tech neck' at bay!

How do you feel about aging? Are you terrified, or couldn't care less? Does the fact that your smartphone habits might be prematurely aging your skin worry you enough to put away your smartphone? I'm curious to know what you think!

How to apply Jouviance Contour+:
  1. Cleanse skin
  2. Warm the gel concentrate between your fingers
  3. Apply to the base of your décolleté and massage in an upward motion towards the neck and jawline, finishing behind the ears. Apply lightly with your fingers - the first time, I was pressing too hard on my neck and choked a bit! Oops.
  4. Repeat upward motion until the gel is full absorbed

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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