Sunday, November 11, 2018

Breaking a Beauty Myth: Red/Pink Eyeshadow

Fashion and beauty have always seemed to have a lot of rules...but rules are made to be broken aren't they? You've probably heard someone tell you that you shouldn't wear pink or red eyeshadows because they'll make your eyes look puffy and swollen. I did - and I just never really questioned it. But is it actually true? When the new Rimmel Crimson Edition Palette landed at my door, I realized it would be the perfect time to put this 'rule' to the test and find out if it's a myth...or not.

I actually had a sneak peek at this Crimson Edition Palette at the London Drugs Beauty Preview Event in Whistler recently (more on that to come in a post soon!), and was impressed by the swatches, so I knew this would be a fun palette to play around with.

First of all - I love how Rimmel styled their new launches: in an 80's style boombox! How cute?? Perfectly fitting, with these 80's style colours! The pink Crimson palette? Definitely a nod to that retro flair. To be quite honest, I've never been a fan of 80's style (that hair...yikes!!), but I was so intrigued by the pink shadows, gorgeous blushes, and satiny liquid lipsticks, that I was ready to jump right in!

While I was really excited to try to put that pink eyeshadow myth to the test, I was also a bit apprehensive. I'm really not very skilled when it comes to eyeshadows. I just don't wear them all the time, and the idea of trying to create a look from scratch with colours I don't usually wear was definitely intimidating. But you know what I learned? You gotta just blend, blend, blend! It really does fix everything.

As I started to test out the shadows, I was quite honestly immediately impressed. I've used other drugstore palettes before, and they usually aren't very pigmented, and are pretty crumbly and leave quite a bit of fall-out. Instead, these shadows were incredibly pigmented, and had very little crumble and fall-out. I was actually blown away by the pigmentation. It barely took any shadow to deliver quite a nice bit of colour to my lids. Score!

Here's which shadows I ended up using, and how:
  1. I put the lightest shade on the far left along my brow bone. I was amazed how pigmented it was, and just how shimmery it was! I find these 'highlight' shades in palettes never end up looking very good on my skintone. But this one rocked!! Such a pretty pinky highlight.
  2. I took the 6th shade from the left, a berry/wine shade, and applied to my crease around to the outer corners of my eyes. You don't need much powder - it's so pigmented! Not to worry, it blends out easily. I also took this colour along my bottom lash line.
  3. I applied the 3rd shade from the right, a deeper red-y/brown shade to the outer v. Then I also blended it into my lower lashline.
  4. My favourite part...I used that beautiful glittery pink 5th shade from the right and applied that to the centre of my lids, and blended out.
  5. I went back to that gorgeous highlight shade on the far left, and used my finger to apply to the inner corners of my eyes.

Rimmel also has 4 new blushes: the MAXI Blushes! 3 are matte - in a deep berry, light orange, and mauvey pink. The fourth is the only shimmery blush in the collection, and is such a pretty shade! For this look, I thought the mauvey pink (Colour 003) would be a good fit - and also the best choice for my skin tone. For the full 80's effect of course I could have blended it up to my temple (aka 'draping'), but I opted to blend it into my cheekbones only. 

Lastly, you know I love a good lippie! Now, I'm still a matte girl at heart, but I gotta say, these Rimmel Stay Satin Liquid Lipsticks had a beautiful finish: just a bit of shine, but not as much as a gloss. They dry down into a really comfortable lightly satin lip colour. I was immediately drawn to the shade 'Have a Cow' for this look. I love a good red wine lip colour. My only issue is that they did bleed a bit, when wearing without a lip liner (I'm used to not needing a lip liner with my matte lipsticks). So I'll need to use my NYX Wonder Stick with them in future to keep them from bleeding (especially the darker shades).

I'm so happy with how the whole look turned out! I don't see any puffy, swollen eyes here, do you?? I think we can officially put that myth to bed. I'm ready to take on a new beauty risk now. What shall it be next?

You can find all the products I used to create this pink/berry look at your local London Drugs - my go-to for drugstore makeup!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were provided complimentary of Rimmel Canada, for review. As always, opinions are entirely my own.


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