Sunday, December 23, 2018

Holiday Outfit Inspiration: Glittering Accessories

Happy holidays, folks! Christmas is officially almost here, and I couldn't be more have multiple excuses to get all dressed up in one week! Christmas might just be my favourite time of year, because I love pulling out the glitter for all of my holiday outfits. It's an excuse to go way more glam!

I absolutely fell in love with this red dress at Value Village back in August, and I knew right away that I'd want to use it during the holidays. A solid coloured dress makes it so easy to style with your favourite glittery accessories. Plus, can't hurt when you find the perfect dress for $13.49. Gotta love Value Village. But don't worry, I've linked up a few other affordable options below too.

I thought I'd break down the elements of this holiday look for you, in case it'll help you plan out your own last minute holiday outfits (and don't forget - I also have a video here with some more holiday outfit inspiration, from Queensborough Landing Shopping Centre!)

Anatomy of a sparkly holiday outfit:
  1. A solid coloured dress: Red or green are the obvious choices here, but really, any colour will do. By working with a solid colour, you'll have a good canvas to add all of your other fun and sparkly accessories. If you go with a dress that has bold prints/patterns, you may not be able to go with as many accessories, as it'll make things a bit too 'busy'.
  2. A sparkly necklace: No, not all necklaces are created equal. The one necklace that I always reach for, that is super glittery, yet surprisingly affordable, is this Lucy Crystal Collar Necklace from Olive + Piper. I seriously don't know what it is about this necklace, but it sparkles like diamonds!
  3. Glittery earrings: Ear jackets are my favourite earring option, when pairing earrings and a necklace. I hate wearing large earrings when I'm already wearing a necklace. And studs feel a little too boring for a fancier outfit. So I find that ear jackets are a good happy-medium, between studs and statement earrings. These little crystal and silver ones from Nobis & Grey have been an absolute go-to for years!
  4. A glittery purse: You can't go wrong with a purse covered in glitter this time of year. And you can use it for Christmas and your New Years parties! I found this gorgeous little Kate Spade purse at an outlet last year, and haven't regretted it one bit. So cute! It also has a crossbody strap which for me is a must. Mine is out of stock, but this one is a super affordable alternative.
  5. Glittery shoes: And the glittery pièce de résistance? These adorable glittery shoes from Old Navy! I bought these right away because they not only sparkle like nobody's business, but they also have a nice chunky low heel, making them ideal for standing around or dancing at holiday parties. I've gotten so many compliments on these heels already this December...if you happen to spot a pair in-store, snag them asap because they're going fast!!

Oh and I did want to also throw out a shout-out to the amazing stick-on nails I'm wearing here. I honestly can't say enough amazing things about them!! They're imPRESS nails, from London Drugs, and I've worn them for an entire week, and they still look great! I've replaced three over the last couple days, but hey - I think $10 for a weeklong manicure is actually a great deal. I feel like in the long term that would work out cheaper than a good pro manicure, and they stay looking 100% perfect the whole time, as opposed to when I go to the salon, I find they're still getting dented and chipping within that time. In fact, I love these so much, I just went out and bought another pair from London Drugs in a pretty matte burgundy and gold, to wear for Christmas Eve! 

Dress - Mustard Seed thrifted via Value Village (similar) | Earrings - Nobis & Grey | Necklace - Olive + Piper | Purse - Kate Spade (similar) | Nails - London Drugs

Happy Holiday Styling! xo

~ Britta

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  1. Britta, YOU LOOK FABULOUS! I like the way this dress shows off your shoulders!


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