Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Halloween Beauty: Vampire Nails

 After picking up a tasty 'blood bag' of wine from Maan Farms, I was feeling inspired to put together a vampy Halloween look (in addition to my main Halloween costume this year!) involving some fun DIY nails!

I spotted a similar 'vampire' nail design somewhere on Instagram, that looked salon quality, and thought hey, maybe I can create my own version that can be done at home without salon tools. I've become obsessed with glue-on nails this past year, so I wanted to create a version that gave me that same look (aka longer than my actual nails). I ended up finding some great Kiss nail kits at London Drugs that come with a bunch of sizes included and are all clear so you can easily paint over top of them with nail polish.

Here's what you need to create your own vampire nails:

And here's my step-by-step (or check out my Instagram Reel to here!):

  1. Pick out 10 nails that fit your nails (Stiletto style for the thumbs, pointer fingers and pinkies. Short Square style for the middle and ring fingers).
  2. Paint all 10 nails with white nail polish. I found it helpful to use some little rolled pieces of scotch tape to keep the nails in one spot while I paint them.
  3. Once dry, apply a second coat of white nail polish.
  4. Check that they're dry, and if so, take the stiletto nails for your pointer finger and pinkie to apply the 'blood' drips. I used a toothpick to be able to apply the red nail polish carefully.
  5. Finally, after everything is dry, apply a coat of clear top coat. Be careful not to run the brush over the blood drips multiple times, as the red colour might run into the white polish.
I love how subtle this nail look is, actually! You wouldn't really notice it from a distance as being a 'Halloween' look, which is kind of nice if you're just out and about. But when you bring attention to them, they just look so cool! 

I've also linked my other makeup products as well as my dress below, in case you're looking to re-create the rest of my vampire-inspired look!

How are you planning to celebrate Halloween this year? Do you have a look or costume in mind?

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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