Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Halloween Costume & Makeup: Cruella

 I always love creating Halloween looks. It's such a fun creative outlet - from creating the outfit to the makeup. Some of my favourites over the years have been Harley Quinn, The Countess from American Horror Story, Maleficent, Marion Crane from Psycho, Zoya the Destroyer from GLOW, and Liv Moore from iZombie. But I've gotta say, I think this year's costume I'm the most proud of.

As I was watching the new Cruella movie, I knew right away that I wanted to do at least ONE of the many looks she rocks for Halloween. Honestly, the movie is so full of great costume ideas, but I really wanted to attempt her 'The Future' makeup look, which is what you'll see below! Let's break down the whole look here:

Cruella Makeup

Good news: this makeup look was actually easier to re-create than I'd expected! It takes some time, sure, but not super difficult. Click here to watch my Cruella makeup tutorial on Instagram. I picked up most of my makeup products below from London Drugs.

  1. Put on your foundation/base as usual.
  2. Use scotch tape and scissors to cut out and piece together 'The Future'. 'The should be smaller, and 'Future' bigger (as seen below).
  3. Stick your 'The Future' piece of tape on your face. Just make sure you've got the letters facing the right direction so they're not backwards for those looking at your face!
  4. Use a black loose eyeshadow powder and a thick eyeshadow brush to dab on the face over top of the tap (just around the eye and nose area of the face). I'm using a holiday set I have from Pixi (the Fairy Dust Favourites). 
  5. Line your waterline with a black eye pencil (I use an Annabelle Kohl Duo pencil)
  6. Line your lids with a cat-eye using Rimmel's waterproof Wonder Ink Eyeliner
  7. Coat your eyelashes with a black mascara (I'm wearing L'Oreal's Lash Paradise)
  8. Peel off the tape to reveal 'The Future' stenciled on your face!
  9. Apply a sparkly red lipstick - like NYX's Glitter Goals in Cherry Quartz
  10. You're done! Makeup give a spritz of a setting spray if you have one (like NYX's Matte Finish Setting Spray).
  11. I found some gorgeous matte black glue-on nails by Quo at Shoppers Drug Mart that have really pretty studded black accent nails. Perfect way to finish off this look!

Cruella Costume

  1. Cruella wears an awesome black cape jacket in the movie, so this SheIn jumpsuit I have was a close enough match. It's out of stock, but there are a few other options here and here on Amazon.
  2. I got this great black and white wig off of Amazon, and I'm actually super impressed! It's not exactly like real hair, but it's waaaay better than any wig you're going to find at a Halloween shop. Highly recommend this one from Haircube.
  3. Then I just accessorized with a few other black & white pieces, including my Gucci belt dupe, Aldo clutch, and some fabulous Zara heels I thrifted last year from Salvation Army. Anything high fashion will work (as long as it's black & white!).

Happy Halloween Styling! xo

~ Britta

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