Monday, March 14, 2022

St. Patrick's Day: The Black Velvet Cocktail

Forget the green beer this year, we're going for a more refined feel for St. Patrick's Day this year! I feel like most of the cocktails I've been gravitating towards lately all have champagne or prosecco...not sure why that is, but hey, sparkling wine is always fun. I wanted to do something other than the usual green beer or boozy milkshake for St. Patrick's day this year, and came across a simple and tasty recipe from Guinness: the Black Velvet. It's half Guinness (an Irish stout) and half champagne - that's it! The champagne adds a nice lightness and sweetness to the Guinness. And I garnished it with a sprig of mint to add an essential pop of green.

Black Velvet Cocktail:

  • Coupe or champagne flute
  • Pour Guinness until half full
  • Top with champagne (I used Henkell sparkling wine)
  • Garnish with a sprig of mint

Of course you know me, a good cocktail is to be accompanied by an equally good matching outfit. This green Chicwish dress (on sale right now!) is so cute, and is a nice thick material which is great, considering it's still March. It's not spring quite yet. If you want to see the full dress, you can check it out on this post from St. Patrick's Day a few years ago. Then I found these SUPER cute St. Patrick's Day nails from Kiss that are just perfect. If you weren't already aware, I'm obsessed with Kiss nails in general - they stay on for like 2 weeks (with a couple replacements). I always use the included glue, rather than the adhesive tabs. The St. Patty's style, with solid white, sparkling gold, and clover leaves are perfect for the occasion!

While things are starting to open up here again as Omicron wanes, I'm thinking this will still probably be another St. Patrick's Day spent closer to home, so I've been perusing food options that I could serve with this cocktail. I came across this yummy-looking Guinness, bacon, cheddar and barley risotto that I may try out.

What do you have planned for St. Patrick's Day this year?

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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