Thursday, October 6, 2011

Look of the Week: Parisian Cafe

Well, it appears fall has come, bringing with it lots of homework and rainy weather, and so I must try to embrace it best I can. How shall I do so? By spending some downtime sipping liquid chocolate and tasting every macaron in the rainbow! I came across Thierry's Patisserie last week online and made it a goal to seek it out after class. It was the perfect place to go when you're all dressed up like you belong in Paris! And I must say, their macarons were amazing, and by my standards, not too pricey either. I highly recommend their blackberry and raspberry macarons, which each have a fresh berry right in the middle! So tasty! And if you've ever wanted to melt chocolate and drink it as is (and really, who hasn't), then try their hazelnut liquid chocolate. I felt like all I needed was to grab a baguette and some wine to make the experience complete.

I like taking little trips like this, to explore new tasty locales. It's a great mental break and I recommend doing this once a week to keep from the stress of life making you crazy! Dress up too, it makes you feel fresh and fun. And what better way to feel like your in a Parisian cafe? Throw on some red lipstick and heels. If you don't have time to take a whole afternoon off, find some tasty treats, bring them home, make yourself a London Fog, and cuddle up with some homework!

My outfit is inspired by the skirt I'm wearing, which was given to me by my Nana, and gave a little bit more of a vintage feel to the look. It's made of wool, too, which will be perfect for when winter hits. I usually shorten my Nana's skirts, but I like the length of this one;it keeps the vintage feel alive. However, if you're wanting a modern look, get rid of the skirt. Earlier in the day, I wore the long striped shirt to class as a dress with tights, some black flats and an oversized black blazer, for a more comfortable look. This outfit includes my favorite colour combinations, black red and white, and their boldness is a great way to stand out on an overcast day.

Shirt Dress –Forever 21, Skirt-My Nana’s, Trench Coat-Papaya, Purse & Necklace-Richmond Night Market, Shoes-Wet Seal

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