Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Time! DIY Costumes

Happy Halloween everyone!

I can barely hear myself think right now with all the firecrackers going off outside...I celebrated Halloween this past Friday, since I had a midterm exam tonight. This was definitely the most last minute Halloween costume I've ever made, but I thought I'd share it with you to give you some DIY inspiration.

I've never been a fan of pre-packaged costumes, so this year would be no different. The only thing different thing year is that I put the whole thing together in just 2 days! I decided on going as Black Swan this year. I love how dark and dramatic the costume and makeup is: perfect for Halloween. The costume would be even easier and cheaper to put together if you already have dance clothes, but it wasn't hard to find the right pieces nonetheless.

I picked up a crinoline from a Halloween shop and rolled over the top a couple times to make it pouf out like a tutu. The top is a corset I found at La Vie En Rose, which I topped off with some feathers. I purposely sewed them on instead of gluing them, so that it's still wearable after Halloween. The crown was the only cheap one I could find, so I blackened it with permanent black marker. The hair was the easiest part, since I do it up in a bun for work all the time anyways. Lastly, I watched a few makeup tutorials before attempting to do the eyes myself. I put on a layer of white cream as well, to get an even whiter complexion (yes, I actually CAN look paler). The makeup was done with NYX black powder eyeshadow and some old silver cream shadow. The blush is a dark rose colour, which gives a more sharp look than lighter shades. The look is finished off with a nice dark lipstick, mine has a dark purple hue.
My only suggestion is to put on a good base, something to seal the eye makeup. Unfortunately, mine began to blur as the night went on.

And to answer your question, that handsome looking guy in the mustache beside me is my boyfriend. He went for a Reno/Detective look this year: complete with aviators, gun, badge and handcuffs. The mustache was best best part...unfortunately it was pretty hard to keep it on, short of supergluing it!

I hope you all had a creeeepy weekend! What were you for Halloween?

Corset-La Vie En Rose, Crinoline-Spirit, Flats-Sirens, Feathers-Dressew

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