Sunday, January 8, 2012

Look of the Week: My Design DIY

Voila! I present to you: my first design. Now, I admit I really only designed the skirt, which appears here as a gown; but I designed the skirt with this style in mind. I actually debuted it at a Christmas Formal at school last year, and it got quite a few stares and comments. Probably because no one around here wears a gown. Ever. Well, maybe to the opera or something, but that's about it.

So the dress is made from a layer of silk and a layer of silk chiffon. It's done with a simple elastic waist, which is easily hidden by a thick belt. A corset or strapless top finishes off the style, so that it appears as if it's one seemless look.

The design was inspired by a dress by Jenny Packham back in 2010, seen here. It ended up looking very different than her design, but the idea of a light flowing chiffon skirt with a structured corset top is still evident.

If anyone hears of a soiree I can wear this beauty to, let me know! For now, it hangs in my closet looking very lonely..

Skirt-My own design, Corset-La Vie en Rose, Belt-Urban Behaviour, Heels-Fioni, Ring-H&M, Coat-Urban Behaviour

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