Saturday, December 31, 2011

Look of the Week: Feeling Very British

I think it was the preppy feel of this outfit combined with the patent rain boots that made me feel very British in this shoot. I felt British enough, in fact, to want to call my rain boots Wellies! All I wanted to do was splash around in puddles and dance with my umbrella...but what do you know, almost all the puddles had dried up before we got outside!

My Bedo dress I wore here as a skirt, opting for a warm sweater over top, rather than bare arms (brrr!). I'm not usually very partial to bright colours (other than red) this time of year, but I saw this beautiful green sweater on Boxing Day and snatched it up. It's a great way to add a splash of colour to an otherwise black and white ensemble.

Lastly, my Wellies (so much fun to say out loud!) were my one and only Boxing Day success, at one-third the price! Now, I'm planning on doing a DIY project with these boots, but I have to do a little research before I dive in. I'll give you a hint: military buttons are in order! Once I'm done, I'll feature them here again!

And don't forget: a Happy New Year to all of you tonight! I'll try to snap some pictures of my New Years outfit for you, once I decide what I'm wearing. I have a feeling I'll be digging out my sequin shorts this year! (Sequins are always a safe bet for New Years). I hope the new year brings you lots of happiness and new fashion inspiration!

Hat-Icing by Claire’s, Jacket-Urban Behaviour, Scarf-H&M, Necklace-Boutique in Fort Langley, Sweater-Forever21, Dress-Bedo, Boots-Locale

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  1. cute look with a british 70's vintage inspiration, great style , I love the skirt and the boots ! ♥ ♥ ♥ pretty cool miss !


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