Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

I have a new weekly post from now on, folks!! Meet: Thrifty Thursdays! I'll post my most recent finds from local Vancouver thrift stores, and give you the details. For those of you who don't thrift, hopefully it'll show you the possibilies of what you can find!

This week, I found a couple awesome sweaters and a skirt to add to my collection:

First up is a cozy knit with beautiful lace appliqué:

Found it: Salvation Army
Store Section: Sweaters
Brand: Unknown
Price I paid: $3.99
Estimated Value: ??

Second is a super cozy Cashmere sweater!

Found it: Salvation Army
Store Section: Sweater
Brand: Privé
Price I Paid: $9.99
Estimated Value: $100 (new)

Third and lastly was a real treat! I've been looking for a vintage Burberry for awhile now. What luck, it fit!

Found it: Value Village
Store Section: Dresses
Brand: Burberry
Price I Paid: $14.99
Estimated Value: ~$115


  1. Nice finds! Especially the Burberry!

  2. When I was in Italy, I'd found a vintage thrifty!!!! I almost dies when i saw brands like YSL with very small prices!!!! I didn't want to go out from there!!! hahahah

    You finds are amazing1 I'm loving the way you wear your clothes!!!

    Happy Easter,

  3. Wow, amazing finds! Now I feel inspired to do some thrifting! :)

  4. LOVE the Burberry skirt! You've inspired me to check out my local thrift stores :D

  5. The blue sweater is super cute and chic! Wow, you found it at the salvation army? What a steal, for sure!:)

    Steph and Amber

  6. That first sweater is gorgeous - love the lace detail :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. Great choices cant believe on the price!!!!

  8. oh these are such great finds! good price too.
    thank u for dropping by my blog.
    oh, and yes, i did the illustrations myself, thank u for asking.

    cheers, Carla

  9. Wow, that skirt is amazing - what a bargain! I'm mostly in love of the cashmere sweater, though - I've been eyeing a similar one of the J Crew website for a while now: $10 seems like a much more reasonable price!


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