Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hair Pampering with La Biosethetique

Now that my hair is shorter now, it actually seems to grow a lot faster than the glacial pace it used to...which means I'm finding myself in the hair salon more than usual now (meaning more than one a year!). Eco Fashion Week and La Biothetique offered us the chance to try out their services at their Vancouver flagship salon, Black 2 Blond, so I thought I'd gift it a try when it was time to refresh my haircut.

From start to finish, the experience was so much more than just a regular hair cut appointment. Hairstylist Sara Burke walked me through the salon, and sat down with me for a short consultation. A small tray awaited me while I relaxed in a comfy lounge chair- a towel, hydrating body milk, and herbal tea to enjoy. Sara conducted a specialized scalp test to see how dry my scalp was- pretty normal, apparently. If your test showed something more dry or oily, there'd be some specific products she could recommend to combat it.

I always love getting my hair washed at the salon; I'm sure I'm not the only one who could use a good head massage! But what I'm not used to is a super relaxing hot towel on my scalp: seriously, this should be waiting for me when I get out of the shower everyday. After that, Sara gave me the option of two aromatic oils for the scalp: one for relaxing, one for energizing. With a full day ahead, I figured the energizing one would be best. It smelled amazing! Then, just when I was already blissful and feeling recharged, Sara gave me the most awesomely relaxing head, shoulder, and back massage. Talk about a mini spa trip disguised as a hair cut appointment!

Sara even walked me through how to get the beachy wave look myself at home, and suggested a few products that might help me re-create it on my own (because we all know it seems impossible to do that after leaving the salon!). I decided on the La Biosthetique Powder Spray and Styling Spray.

Just when I was happy to head out with my new 'do, the Black 2 Blond team offered to give me a complimentary make-up touch-up. They picked out the perfect orange/red lipstick to pair with my dress, touched up my brows and cheeks, and then I was ready take on the rest of the day!

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