Monday, October 26, 2015

Last Minute Halloween Costume: iZombie

My recent hair colour change (I'm calling it 'baby blonde'-it's the white blonde colour I had when I was a baby!) has opened some new doors for Halloween costumes this year. I've been dutifully watching iZombie lately- it's filmed right here in Vancouver, after all, and thought the main character Liv Moore, would make a perfect last minute Halloween costume! Of course, if your hair isn't as light as mine, a wig will do just fine.

By the name of the TV show, you can probably tell that Liv is indeed a zombie. She also works in the coroner's office (hence the lab coat) and eats brains with hot sauce. Because that's what zombies do. Oh and key zombie characteristics in the show are bleached hair and purple around the eyes. Easy!

I didn't have a lab coat on hand, so I ended up wearing a white blazer under a long white vest (seen here). The rest was pretty easy: a t-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans, ankle boots....oh and a ziploc container with some brains and chopsticks.

Brains, anyone?

Look 1: Blazer - | Vest - Forever 21 | T-shirt - Wet Seal | Sweatshirt - Urban Planet | Jeans - Urban Planet | Booties - Style & Co.
Look 2: T-shirt - Wet Seal | Sweatshirt - Jacob | Jacket - Betty Be Good | Jeans - Urban Planet | Booties - Style & Co.

Happy Halloween Styling! xo


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