Monday, October 12, 2015

Vancouver Fashion Week SS2016: Day 2

My second day at Vancouver Fashion Week's Spring/Summer 2016 shows made for an exciting evening of diverse designs, and new and old favourites. Atelier Grandi, Canella Hostal Couture, Vivano Sue, TKC Designs, and Maaji Swimwear all shined on the runway- keep reading below to see the best of each collection and a quick recap!

On the runway with the wonderful Tina of Sidebuy in between shows!

Atelier Grandi:

It's been such a please to watch Atelier Grandi over many seasons at Vancouver Fashion Week; each collection has Grandy's signature polished, refined, classy and elegant, and yet there is always a fabulous new theme to each collection that makes it so unique. This season's collection, Serpentine, featured snake and metallic detailing- a flashy departure from her usual style, but the style of the dresses is what gave the designs their signature polish. Every single dress was stunning in its own right!

Viviano Sue:

This is a designer I had not had the chance to see before, and felt incredibly satisfied after seeing the runway show. There were so many examples of perfectly executed layers and draping- and what I thought looked like inkblot-inspired prints were incredibly eye-catching! The collection paints the life-story of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, and the focus on white was meant to convey and symbolize a clean slate from which to build up the collection.

Canella Hostal Couture:

This was one of my surprise favourites of the day! The burst of orange was so refreshing, and I absolutely loved all the fun prints. The skirt on the right was particularly unique. The small folded pieces of fabric all moved individually as the skirt swayed, giving an interesting range of motion as the model walked the runway. Between that skirt and the flowing robe on the left, it was a bright and fun collection that really embodies what spring and summer should be all about!

TKC Designs:

This collection aims to do more than just look pretty. TKC Designs is all about using the collection to empower women. Designer Taranjit K. Cheema wants to shed light on the unreported rape cases in India, where victims feel ashamed and remain silent out of fear of being shunned by their community.

Maaji Swimwear:

Firstly, I have to say, the styling of this runway show was fantastic! The vintage suitcases, comfy blankets, tourist camera and headbands added perfectly to the overall theme of the designs. The 'Rhapsody Road' collection brought us along for their road trip with their youthful fun and flirty designs. Lots of mix and matching prints- and my personal favourite- plenty of the bralette style tops (such a great retro style!). Now if only I could get one of those adorable blanket and holder straps to go with the bikini...road trip, anyone?

Thanks to Ed Ng Photography for the runway photos!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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