Monday, January 15, 2018

How to Wear a Pyjama Shirt Outside the House

A major fashion faux pas for me (I don't have many) is wearing pyjamas in public. It's not as much of a pet peeve as it is for one of my besties, but it still does rub me the wrong way. I know how comfy PJ's are, but it's really not that hard to slip out of them and into something at least somewhat presentable before leaving the house, is it?? It doesn't have to be jeans - it could just be sweatpants. Just not pyjamas. And certainly not with slippers (I have seen that far too many times in public). trend that's taken over in the last while is the pyjama top, and yes I'm actually OK with wearing it in public. 

One of the reasons why I think I can get on board with this trend is because these pyjama-style tops are actually made with daytime appropriate fabrics. Some aren't, but many are - like the one you'll see me wearing below. This way, they can bridge the gap better between pyjama top and blouse.

I wanted to take this style one step further, and not just wear the pyjama shirt in public, but make it office appropriate! These gorgeous Kam Dhillon rose gold glasses just arrived in the mail from Clearly, and they are the perfect way to give any outfit an office-chic look. This is the first pair of metal glasses I've ever owned (I usually go for the thicker frames), and I instantly fell in love. I have had so many compliments on them so far! The design is so unique - and would you believe they're only $95?? Just add a classy pair of stilettos, and some drawstring trousers, and you're set to go!

Would you try the pyjama top trend?

Glasses - c/o Clearly | Necklace - Everly | Bangle - c/o Nobis & Grey | Shirt - Zara (similar) | Pants - Zara (similar) | Shoes - Zara (thrifted via Salvation Army)

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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