Sunday, January 21, 2018

Top Fashion Trends: The Cabbie Hat, the Duster and the Gucci Mules

I don't tend to jump on fashion trends just because they're trends - but these are 3 fashion trends I was totally excited to jump on: the cabbie hat, the duster jacket, and the Gucci mules.

The Gucci Mules

Obviously, I didn't end up with the actual Gucci mules. Nobody got cash for that. Well, some people do, but not moi. I spotted these faux fur dupes at Winners from the brand XOXO and they're perfect! Sure, a few people have joked that they look like slippers, but I think they're pretty fun. They've been great for wearing around the apartment building (getting the mail, doing laundry) while looking a whole lot more put together than I normally would. They've also been great to wear on a casual Sunday out for coffee or brunch. A very casual chic vibe!

The Cabbie Hat

I wasn't actively searching for this hat, but for a few months, I was keeping an eye out for the right one while out shopping for other things. I knew I wanted a cabbie hat with some texture to it - in the form of a rope or chain across the front, and a combination of materials. Finally, I ended up stumbling upon this one, with rope and button detailing, and a contrasting faux leather. Just what I was hoping for!

It's funny how all trends come back around. I definitely had like 3 of these cabbie-style caps back in high school, when they were cool. I had one in navy corduroy, one in baby blue (don't know what I was thinking there...), and one in a neutral beige. Guess I should have held onto them!

The Duster Jacket

This is an awesome trend I hope sticks around til the spring. The duster jacket is such a great option when you want to add just a light layer to your outfit. For the fall/winter, this one in black is perfect. I've been wearing it with a cashmere sweater underneath on slightly colder days too. In the spring, I'd like to get one in a light beige colour too, like a trench coat.

Which of these fashion trends are you most likely to try?

Hat - H&M | Duster Jacket - Babaton Quincey Jacket via Aritzia (similar| Scarf - thrifted via Salvation Army (similar) | Blouse - loft 82 (thrifted via Value Village) (similar) | Purse - Karl Lagerfeld via The Bay (similar) | Faux Gucci Mules - XOXO via Winners 

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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