Monday, March 19, 2018

70's & 90's Comeback Trends to Try

I'm not usually one for bringing back trends unless they're from the 60's or earlier...but today, I make two exceptions to that rule.

I've become pretty fond of the cabbie hat trend - a throwback to the 90's, and I'll admit, I had a few of them back in high school. I like how this version has more texture to it compared to the plain ones I had back then: metal buttons, braided rope, and faux leather. I've been wearing mine a lot lately. With winter behind us for the most part, I don't want to wear toques and winter hats anymore, but on windy days, it's still pretty cold. This cabbie hat has been a good compromise to keep my ears warm during the in-between season.

Suede skirts, first big in the 70's, have also now made a comeback. These have been back in for a while now, but it wasn't until I saw this one at Value Village that I thought I'd give it a try. As I said - winter is finally dwindling, so I've been more willing to wear skirts without tights again. Not without boots...but hey, I call it progress. A tan suede skirt is easier to style than you might think, too. I know it may not seem like the easiest colour to match, but it looks great with all-black, or would look equally good with wine.

An extra styling tip: I like to layer my gold Nobis & Grey bangles over top of my turtleneck sleeves. It makes them really pop!

What do you think? Would you give one of these trends a try too?

Hat - H&M | Scarf - thrifted via Salvation Army (similar) | Shirt - thrifted via Salvation Army (similar) | Bracelets - c/o Nobis & Grey | Skirt - Zara (via Value Village) (similar) | Boots - Target (similar)

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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