Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vancouver Fashion Week: Runway Day 1

I was far too nervous and excited to sleep the night before VFW's first show of the Spring/Summer 2013 season. Luckily, everything went extremely smoothly and I had an absolutely fantastic time interviewing fashion designers, stylish Vancouverites, and VIPs, not to mention getting a backstage look at the ongoings of a fashion show. I am so grateful to the VFW team and their sponsor Strutta for sharing this amazing Runway Corespondent opportunity with me! Day 1 boasted a significant line up of talented designers including Gianni Maanaki, Papillon, Theresa Chen, Gert-Johan Coetzee, Misty Greer, and RG Sanchez.

My favourite interview of the evening went to South African designer Gert-Johan, who is just such a pleasant and fascinating person. His designs are truly amazing, and considering his level of fame in South Africa, he is still down to earth and approachable. I asked him how he came up with this collection, and he said he likes to start with a black canvas and add to it, in this case with neon hues, to create something dramatic. Dramatic would definitely describe his show; the lights dimmed, bright green lights filled the room in a glow, and then, in the darkness, a model appeared with flashing neon lights on her dress. That's one runway show that's hard to forget.

And yet Gert's show wasn't the only one to try something a little different. Misty Greer's Trunk Show collection was fun, sexy, and had everyone's eyes on the runway. An assortment of runway models and burlesque dancers strutted and danced their way down the runway in sparkles, lace, and thigh-highs. It was definitely a fashionable spectacle!

So far, the most prominent trends have been leather, unique prints, and mixing of colours/prints. In the days to come, we'll see if any other trends develop.

If you missed the Opening Gala for VFW this past Tuesday, you can watch my Runway Diary of the event on the VFW's youtube page!


Designer Gianni Maanaki's collection

Interviewing designer Gianni Maanaki

Designer Theresa Chen's collection

My FAVOURITE design of the night: Theresa Chen's Chinese-inspired suit. I loved the side cuts and black embellishments.

Two lovely VIPs of the evening: my photographer besties Chantale and her sister (and designer of my dress for the evening, Rebecca of Rebecca Elizabeth Designs)

Me with the fashionably-fierce Ivy of This is What We Do blog. It's always so exciting meeting Vancouver bloggers, who I've been following for some time. Check out her post from the Day 1 of VFW here (you'll see me there too!).

Alex Liang, Editor-in-Chief of KENTON magazine, showing us his combination of accessories. I was totally enthralled by his watch, which you can switch out for a different coloured face-plates. Love!

And yes, we totally coordinated our outfit colours prior to the show.

The Papillon collection. Such unique patterns!

Backtage, a quick interview with one of the models for the Misty Greer Trunk Show collection.

One of the stunning designs by Gert-Johan Coetzee. Look at those shoulder! And they light up!

A stylist for Misty Greer tells us about all the sparkle and colour we are about to see!

A seductress' silhouette on the runway for Misty Greer

Designer of Rebecca Elizabeth Designs takes her seat by the runway

Coetzee's collection takes the stage

The RG Sanchez collection: lots of mixing prints and colours

One of my besties, Shiv, put on her best to come out and see the VFW festivities. Gold is BIG this season and she's rocking it!

Catching up with RG Sanchez after the show.

D.W. of D.W. Fashion, who has been outfitting the producer of VFW Justin Voitic all week. Love those pants!

Me and the girls, seated and ready for another runway show.

I can't believe so much happened in just one day! It's crazy, really. The diversity of fashion at this event is astounding, with every colour, print and texture imaginable on display. To all of you who couldn't make it out to the event, you can catch all the updates and runway photos on the Vancouver Fashion Week facebook page  and keep checking the VFW blog for my Runway Diary posts each day of Fashion Week!


  1. aw...lucky! I wish I was there :) Looks like you had a blast!


  2. ...and what a brilliant job you have done Miss Britta. They couldn't have chosen a better host. Can't wait to watch all the video's you created. So excited.


  3. How cute are you getting your fashion reporter on?! I'm so happy for you, what an amazing opportunity! : D

  4. fabulous photos! I love the necklace on the first one



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