Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vancouver Fashion Week: Runway Day 2

I am so excited to finally have a chance to share with you the events of last week's Vancouver Fashion Week! You've already seen my coverage of Day 1 on the runway, so here's a recap of what I saw last Thursday.

For the second day of runway shows, I chose an equally colourful outfit as the first day. Some of you may remember this skirt I thrifted awhile back; I've never found anything like it before. I thought it best to pair it with something basic it on top to counteract the 'loud' nature of the skirt. I caught up with Vancouver blogger Tairalyn of Little Miss Mama for a quick outfit photo and interview. I absolutely LOVED that she wore leather pants! Isn't she looking killer? I'm thrilled that leather is making a comeback this season...and you'll see me wearing it later in the week as well.

The night brought a wide range of styles and talent to the runway, with LaSalle College boasting many successful designers, as well as local designer Kristi Lee of Qube, DE OCAMPO, and Ginger Martini. I also was ecstatic to have the chance to meet THE Marc Anthony, Editor of GQ Magazine and Dawn Archer of Hush Magazine: two stellar fashion icons.

The Five Agency presented the most highly anticipated show of the season, Ras Kasozi’s Kas Wear ended the night and was by far the most soulful and energetic performance. Kasozi had never shown his designs anywhere outside of Africa until last week, and the excitement backstage before the show was just amazing. The designs were truly extraordinary, with an extremely unique array of colours, prints and textures. I appreciated Kasozi's ode to Africa, as the models' eye makeup was done in the shape of his home continent. My favourite outfit of the collection was worn my the gorgeous Hannah, who rocked tribal-inspired shorts and pointed-shoulder jacket. I did an interview with Kasozi after the show and he said he wants his designs to be affordable, and as such, tries to make his pieces 2-in-1. What does this mean, you ask? Below, you'll see a photo of one of Kas' models holding a purse; this purse is actually also a jacket! How fantastic is that?

Bustier-Costa Blanca, Skirt-unknown(thrifted), Belt-Sirens, Heels-Zara(thrifted)

LaSalle College's collection Tartelette by Ai Ohyama. They are just way too adorable!! During our interview, the talented designer said she took inspiration from 60's sundresses: now there's an era I'm a fan of.

Some of the cutest models we've ever seen...with their prizes for all their hard work!

The woman behind Tartelette!

Interviewing the Director of LaSalle College. He was proud, sitting front row to see his students' amazing successes walk the runway.

The glitzy gal behind Ginger Martini shows off her work backstage. She showed us how the tutu skirt is detachable and can be worn separately. I love this idea! On top of that, I'm always a sucker for bows, so this collection had me swooning.

Peplum isn't just for fall anymore! Spring hues lavender and cream keep it looking fresh and light.

Lavender and lace make a great combination for spring. Qube's collection proves to be very wearable and is definitely a piece I will be keeping my eye on, come spring 2013! Such unique and flattering designs.

The most highly anticipated show of the season: Ras Kasozi’s Kas Wear.

Kasozi celebrates after an amazing response from the crowd at the end of the show.

And that's a wrap for Day 2 of the Spring/Summer 2013 VFW show!

Happy Styling! xo


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  1. you my friend are gorgeous.... both on the inside and out! so happy that we have stumbled upon one another.

    looking forward to the fashion dust settling down and you and I getting together for TEA.




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