Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

With fashion week over, it's time to play catch-up, and I have loads of new thrifted finds to share with you! There are a few things I wore during VFW which you haven't seen on Thrifty Thursday yet, but I will have those up for next week. As for this week, I have a few of my finds from the trip I made to my favourite thrift shop earlier this month.

I am always on the look-out for special detailing, and this Zara shirt with faux-leather padded shoulders caught my eye. There is a very small rip to fix under the arm, but once I've sewed it up (and given it a good iron), it'll be good as new!

Store: Salvation Army
Brand: Zara W&B Collection
Section: Shirts
What I Paid: $9.99
What it's Worth: ~ $50

This is one of my more proud finds, and you'll understand why when you see the original price tag. I've never actually owned a bandage dress, and I must agree they are quite flattering; the pricier brands like this one tend to be made of a thicker material than the others you'll find in the mall, so they hug your body in a way that is still forgiving.

Store: Salvation Army
Brand: Armani Exchange
Section: Featured Items
What I Paid: $138
What it's Worth: $14.99

A mustard cardigan may seem like an odd colour choice, but I have seen them in many bloggers' outfits, and I find that they always add a nice tinge of colour to the look. You can see how I wore it in my Look of the Week from earlier this month.

Store: Salvation Army
Brand: Joe
Section: Sweaters
What I Paid: $5.99
What it's Worth: ?

Happy Styling! xo


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