Friday, October 27, 2017

Last Minute Halloween Costume & Makeup: Maleficent

I feel like it's always the year that you think you have tons of time to plan ahead for Halloween, that end up being the year that you somehow end up scrambling at the last minute to scrounge together a costume. I guess I'm a pretty good procrastinator. I really do love spending time developing my Halloween costumes, but this time around, things just got a bit too busy the last few weeks and I just couldn't dedicate that kind of time to it. Regardless, I'm pretty happy with the results. I've been wanting to do a Maleficent Halloween costume for a few years now, primarily because I wanted to try my hand at doing those crazy Maleficent cheekbones! And hey - a villain who wears red lipstick? That's right up my alley.

I sourced all the makeup I needed for this look from what I already had at home, minus the White Cream Makeup, which I purchased at Value Village. I also went to Value Village for the costume part of the look, and ended up finding the perfect pieces to build the costume: the horn headband with widow's peak, a simple black cape, and a staff. I also made a quick trip to the dollar store for some electrical tape, black paint, and a black headscarf. The rest of the costume, I was also able source from what I already had at home! If you want to re-create this look as a last minute costume for Halloween, here's everything you'll need:

The Maleficent Makeup:

I would have liked to actually film a tutorial of this makeup look, but to be honest, I wouldn't have had time to prep, film and edit that all. So I'll do my best to describe it step-by-step below:
  1. Apply a layer of foundation, but add in some white cream makeup to give yourself a paler complexion. You could also just buy a lighter shade of foundation.
  2. Fill in your brows a bit darker than their natural colour, and give them a more dramatic, arched look
  3. For those razor-sharp cheekbones Maleficent is known for, I used the combination of a brown and a grey matte eyeshadow to sculpt along the tops of my cheekbones, and up by temple. I used the NYX Dream Catcher Palette in Stormy Skies. You should be creating pretty close to a 90 degree angle: straight down your temple, and then straight along your cheekbone.
  4. To make those sculpted cheekbones more defined, use a lighter concealer than your skintone, or some more white cream makeup, to draw a thin line right above where you just sculpted with the eyeshadows. Blend in with a brush or your fingers. Now, you should have a somewhat clear 'L' shape, along your cheekbone and up your temple.
  5. Use those same brown and grey eyeshadows to do your eyes. Use them as the crease. and use a light matte shade for the centre of your lid. Use the brown and grey underneath your eyes as well. I also added the NYX Faux Whites Eye Brightener in Mint Cream to my waterline.
  6. I applied a thin layer of Maybelline Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, and drew it out past the inside corners of my eyes.
  7. Lastly, I filled in my lips with the perfect red - NYX Butter Lipstick in Big Cherry. To try and make them look fuller, like Angelina Jolie's version of Maleficent, I also added some black lines using the black eyeshadow from the Dream Catcher palette, and blended them in with a lip brush.

The Maleficent Costume:
  • Horns headband with widow's peak (via Value Village)
  • Black cape (via Value Village)
  • Staff (via Value Village)
  • Black choker necklace
  • Little black dress
  • Over-the-knee black suede boots
  • Black pirate's headscarf (via Dollarama)
  • Black electrical tape (via Dollarama)
  • Black paint (via Dollarama)

This is actually a SUPER easy costume to put together! You really only need to buy a few things, and the rest is DIY:
  1. I took the horns headband with widow's peak that I found at Value Village and used electrical tape to make them look more like the ones in the Maleficent movie. The original horns here were fabric and had silver on them, which I wasn't crazy about. Putting the electrical tape around the horns worked perfect to cover it up!
  2. I don't have black hair, and the headband didn't cover enough of my blonde hair, so I ended up taking a pirate's headscarf, turning it inside out so not to show the pirate symbol, and tied all my hair up underneath it. Voila!
  3. Got a black choker, or a black tie you can turn into a choker? Done.
  4. You can pick up a super cheap and simple cape at Value Village.
  5. Underneath the call, all you'll need is a little black dress!
  6. You can wear black heels, or, I decided on over-the-knee suede boots so I could look good while staying warm.
  7. I picked up a plastic staff from Value Village and painted it black to match the rest of the costume.

And there you go! Everything you need for an easy DIY costume - and you can go as simple or as complex with the makeup part as you like. Not up for the makeup look I did? You could just contour a little heavier than usual, and go with the red lips.

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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