Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Thoughts on My First Lash Extension Experience

Today, we're talking all about lashes and eyelash extensions! Here on Vancouver Vogue, I want share info on all kinds of beauty topics, from the top products and trends, to some cool services worth trying. Two weeks ago, I got eyelash extensions for the first time, and wanted to share my experience - especially in case you've ever considered trying them, but had some reservations about the process. Cathy is a certified lash technician with The Lash Stop in Richmond, BC, and calmly walked me through the whole thing, and did a wonderful job.

Now, I have pretty long lashes already, so I'm not who you'd normally peg as someone who needs/would want lash extensions. But the thing is, the tips of my lashes are blonde, which means if they don't have mascara on them, they appear waaay shorter than they actually are. And honestly, most people (including myself) just don't have the fullness (read: number of lashes) we wish we had. Of course, false lashes are certainly an option, but I've become far worse at applying them since high school, and now it usually just gets me frustrated with glue everywhere. For special occasions, sure they're fine, but I certainly wouldn't have enough patience to apply them every day.

By far the best part about having lash extensions is how easy it makes my daily routine now. And by that, I mean my daily routine has become basically non-existent, which is great! I've noticed, with the lash extensions, I'm far more likely to just call it a day and not wear any other makeup at all, because I feel like the extensions really make me look awake and polished. I think lash extensions would be a particularly great choice if you're going on vacation (especially somewhere tropical) and don't want the fuss of makeup when out travelling, swimming, etc.

My one fear was that the extensions would look like a big black mass across my eyelashes, kind of like what it looks like when you buy cheap false eyelashes. I was so pleasantly surprised that they looked so natural - and yet at the same time, so pretty and fluttery! I was super impressed with the look and feel of the extensions. It's not something I would have done all the time, but something I would definitely get done as a treat every once in a while, or if I'm planning a vacation, etc. Cathy did such a great job, and I can't wait to go back and get a fill next week so they continue to look gorgeous! I've had so many compliments on them so far.

What to know for your appointment:
  1. Don't wear any eye makeup. This is probably a no-brainer, but hey I'm sure there's that one person who will forget.
  2. Wear something you're comfortable lying down in. When you arrive, you'll lie on your back on a massage-type table so that the lash technician can have the best position to apply your extensions.
  3. You'll be asked what kind of set of lashes you'd like, as well as how much curl you want. It's worth doing some research online before you go, so you can show the lash technician what look you're hoping to achieve with the extensions. I just suggested I wanted something on the more natural side, and Cathy said the classic set would be perfect for that. And it was!
  4. The extensions take some time to apply. The lash technician will be gluing the lash extensions right to the base of your natural lashes. One lash at a time. As you can imagine, it's a pretty detailed process! So just be prepared to relax (and maybe take a nap) while they do their magic. The Lash Stop had some soothing spa music playing, which definitely makes you fall into a lovely state of relaxation.
  5. To make sure your lashes stay fanned out, you should get an eyelash comb before you leave - The Lash Stop includes that in their little take-away bag. It's basically a clean mascara wand that is used to comb through your lashes, keeping them from getting tangled. Cathy even puts adorable little covers on them, so you can pop them in your purse without them getting caught on things.
  6. Don't shower (aka get your lashes wet) for at least 24 hours after the application, to make sure they set properly. You want them to last, after all!

Lash extension FAQ's:

How long does it take to have extensions applied? Cathy says it can be from 2 to 3 hours for a full set. Mine took about 2 hours. At least it was a very relaxing 2 hours! It was actually really nice to put my phone away, close my eyes, and just take it easy.

How long do they last? Your lashes naturally fall out around the 45-90 day mark, so your lash extensions will start to dissipate at that point too. Cathy says that about 2 weeks after the application is a good time to get a fill.

How much does it cost? The Lash Stop's full classic set is $65, and a fill is $45. From what I've heard/seen out there, this is a really good deal! Of course, a fill is a bit cheaper because it's a shorter appointment, as they're just filling in the gaps where your lash extensions have grown out/fallen out.

Are there some tips to make the extensions last longer? Try not to sleep on your stomach, or in general with your head smushed into your pillow. This will help keep the integrity of the lash shape. Also, try to stop yourself from rubbing your eyes too much.

Can I use makeup remover on the extensions? Yes, but don't use an oil-based makeup remover. Instead, a micellar solution would be ideal. The Lash Stop supplies you with a little care package with a soft brush which is perfect for delicately applying your makeup remover to the lash area!

Do I/can I apply mascara on my lash extensions? No, the lash extensions are relatively fragile, so applying mascara, which inevitably you will want to take off, is not a good idea. You really shouldn't need mascara anyway - the whole point of lash extensions is to save you that step!

If you're in the Greater Vancouver Area, I highly recommend reaching out to Cathy at The Lash Stop! She does a fabulous job. Some people like to treat themselves with regular manicures - but now I think I would rather treat myself to lash extensions! It's all about deciding where in your routine you'd like to save some time, and what you think will really make you the most confident, at the end of the day.

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Disclaimer: The Lash Stop provided this lash extension service complimentary for me to review. As always, opinions are my own.

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