Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Faces West: Coco Rocha in Vancouver!

This past Saturday I joined the Vancouver Fashion Week team covering Faces West, an annual model scouting event in Vancouver. It's the event's 20th anniversary this year, and Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha was there to commemorate it, since it has been 10 years since she was first signed at Faces West.

The event went on for the week up until Saturday, at which point awards were given to the most successful models in their auditions, as well as a special celebration for the 20th anniversary. Coco had a few words to share about her first experience at Faces West and with modeling; I was pleasently surprised how genuine and outgoing she was - even doing a little dance on stage!


We got a chance to meet up with Coco before the show, and she kindly took a photo with me to share with all of you! I've met my fair share of celebrities, and I have to say, she seems incredibly down to earth for someone who has had as much success as she has. Just a lovely person!

We met with a few more people after the show her interviews, including this group of girls - who all came from Saskatchewan together! For an industry that is known for its volatile environment, these girls seemed like they were family! I suppose it's easy to be drawn to people who have the same dreams of success. One particular quote I heard during the event resonated with me: "a dream without a plan is a fantasy". I think this is a very wise statement; if you want to make dreams a reality, you have to try over and over until you succeed. Just like every one of those girls there hoping to be the next Coco, they got this far on talent, but perserverance will be what gets them even further.

Learning all about Faces West from its president, Charles Stuart.

Interviewing Terry Morgan, founder of TCM Models.

With VFW team member Katrina Bollozos as we wrap up for the night!

Happy Styling! xo



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