Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

A few items to get you in the spirit of thrifting this week- enjoy, lovelies!

Simple, yet girly. Perfect for a cozy day in your worn-in jeans!

Store: Value Village
Brand: George
Section: Sweaters
What I Paid: $5.99
What it's Worth: ?

Studs are everywhere, clearly. Here's a piece with a lot more colour than I'm used to finding when it comes to things that are studded and spiked.

Store: Salvation Army
Brand: Silvergate
Section: Dresses
What I Paid: $6.99
What it's Worth: ?

A vintage designer piece, oh my! This skirt has such a unique hemline; this one definitely goes in the extra-special pile!

Store: Salvation Army
Brand: Thierry Mugler Paris
Section: Skirts
What I Paid: $5.99
What it's Worth: ~ $100

Happy Styling! xo


1 comment:

  1. Hi there, gorgeous, I love the pink dress and how cool finding mugler in thrit shop. What a result.


    Nicki fannings blogspot


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