Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Fashionable World of 007

The newest James Bond film Skyfall hit theatres this week, and this girl is a BIG Bond fan! Seeing as how it was one of my best friend's birthdays, and she too is obsessed with Bond, I thought my friends and I could pull off a spy adventure as a suprise for her! I dressed up in my best spy attire, black head-to-toe, and carried my 'briefcase' while being tailed by the enemy.

I must say, I loved tilting my hat down low, with only my red lips showing; it gave me a sense of mysteriousness. I've always thought that half of how you feel is how you dress; and man, did I ever feel like a spy!

If you haven't seen it yet, get out there and watch Skyfall!! It was everything I hoped it would be and more!

Hat- Icing by Claire's, Sunglasses-Bizou, Scarf-SFU vendor, Trench coat-Papaya, Skirt-Bebe (thrifted-post to come this Thursday), Heels-Fioni, Tights-LaSenza

The Bond girl in Skyfall, Sévérine, wears a fashionably daring outfit by Jany Temime in a casino scene. What do you think? I'm actually not as sold on this dress as I think we were supposed to be. I agree the 'tattoo' Swarovski crystals are gorgeous, but I'm just not a fan of the heavy black down the middle; it definitely accentuates the figure, but I think there are better ways of doing so.

When I saw Bond in this suit in one of the scenes in the movie he was missing the bow tie and wearing aviators. If I had the money I would literally get the suit and glasses shipped to me in a neat little package and hand it over to my man and say 'wear this. now.' This is literally the best looking outfit on a man I think I've ever seen. Hands down. It's hard to tell here, but if you watch the movie you'll understand. I loved the contrasting black and navy, with the satin lapels and stripes down the side of each pant leg. Unique, fashionable, and 100% awesome.

I much preferred Sévérine's look in this scene with far less makeup; you'll notice in the scene with her featured Bond girl dress that her make up is very heavy. I think she actually looked much better with a fresh face as shown here. Oh and I really want that silk and lace robe. Every girl should own that!

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  1. I gotta go watch this movie!!! I agree with you about severine's dress. It's not as elegant as expected. :)

  2. movie's first 15 minutes passes in İstanbul, seems not so good place but actually not so bad :)

    kisses from Turkey <3


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