Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

Faux fur and all-black ensembles won over my heart at the thrift store this week! Let the holiday parties begin!

This faux fur piece was likely part of a jacket originally, judging by the elastic loops, but I plan on cutting them off and adding this on to any of my winter jackets! The perfect accessory to take an outfit to the next level, especially for adding to a 1920's glam ensemble.

Store: Salvation Army
Brand: ?
Section: Hats
What I Paid: $2.99
What it's Worth: ?

This dress has a vintage glam feel to it. I love the fact that it's off-the-shoulder, and yet it has enough structuring inside that it stays in place. The thin straps are meant to be tucked inside, I believe.

Store: Salvation Army
Brand: Kathryn Conover
Section: Dresses
What I Paid: $12.99
What it's Worth: ?

Real fur hats are very expensive...especially in vintage shops. And I don't need/want real fur anyway. So I was super excited to find this jewel by the cashier counter. It's exactly the colour I've been looking for, and it's not so insanely puffy that it looks ridiculous.

Store: Salvation Army
Brand: Hat Attack New York (via Winners originally, judging by the tags)
Section: Behind the cashier's counter
What I Paid: $6.99
What it's Worth: ?

Happy Styling! xo


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